“These are the misadventures of Malaya the action girl, running with her best friend Cosmo, lost in time in a different world.”

Time Brats is a series of short musical sci-fi movies posted on YouTube. It’s about the time traveling adventures of a little girl and her dog.

Roleplaying comes naturally to kids. It doesn’t take a big leap to imagine that a tent is a castle and a playground a giant fortress. With just a little help from Malaya’s parents, playtime is turned into a movie the kids can watch and share with friends and family.

The first 5 episodes were shot in various locations in Stockton, California, site of the very first reported UFO and alien sighting in the United States. (November 1896 reported by Colonel H.G. Shaw)

Time Brats 5 followed our family across America as we drove across the country from California to Maine. New in town, we put a notice out to our neighbors to be part of Time Brats 6. We attracted just the right kind of fun creative weirdos who are now our dearest friends. Join us on our future adventures. “Like” us on Facebook.

We would also appreciate your donation to our fun video project. Pick out one or more of the awesome T-shirts and other items in the Time Brats Secret Supply Shop. Net profits from sales of the Time Brats merchandise goes toward funding these very low-budget short movies.

Thanks for visiting Time Brats! See you soon!

Time Brats Drawing by Malaya Moores

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